At our certified Face Reality Acne Clinic, we perform professional acne treatments and customized skincare regimens to get rid of acne and keep it gone forever. How do we do it? We closely monitor your skin, making sure that we are “pushing” your skin to clear,

but not so much that your skin gets irritated. Face Reality has a unique system for clearing your skin quickly, and our process requires our guests to commit to the Face Reality program. Committing to this program means you will check in with your Certified Acne Specialist every two weeks for an initial three-month time frame.


This program is geared toward clients who WANT to get rid of acne forever and to those who will cooperate with our Acne Specialist's recommendations. These recommendations include but are not limited to changing your lifestyle habits, product usage, makeup usage, hair products, altering your food/supplement intake, and adjusting other variables accordingly if they are hindering your clearing process.


Our clear-skin system will have your acne under control in about 3-4 months, without the use of Accutane - which can cost upwards of $1,800 for the recommended 6 month round - or prescription medications. We combine the power of premium products and a comprehensive treatment protocol to successfully treat even the most challenging types of acne.


"We believe the keys to success are diligence, communication and dedication. With a variety of different treatments, following the keys to success and a 90% success rate, we guarantee you will have the clear skin you've always wanted!"






















Take the first step towards healthy, blemish-free skin! Our acne consultation Includes a comprehensive intake assessment, sensitivity test and acne clinic guidelines. We will go over everything from your current regimen, diet and lifestyle and design a custom treatment plan to get you clear and glowing.

45 minutes | 40


It’s time to understand and treat the root causes of your acne! This service includes your comprehensive acne assessment, as well as, an acne peel or acne enzyme treatment. Our Certified Acne Specialist will assess your skin, diet, lifestyle and current regimen to create a custom treatment plan and regimen for you.


90 minutes | 140



Infuse your skin with vitamins and nutrients while delicately treating your acne. This treatment includes a thorough cleansing, steam, enzyme prep, extractions and an acne enzyme treatment mask. Our enzyme will gently exfoliate the skin while smoothing and encouraging the healing of blemishes.


45 minutes | 120

ACNE PEEL- we will NOT offer this treatment to women who are pregnant or nursing.

Our painless acne peel boosts skin turnover and prevents pore from clogging while also improving skin texture. This treatment includes thorough cleansing, peel prep, extractions and a personalized peel. This peel will not only reduce breakouts and prevent future breakouts but also reduce scarring.


45 minutes | 120


Deep cleanse, exfoliating enzyme or gentle chemical peel and extractions.

45 minutes | 90

add-on | +45


Stay consistent and you will see the results! This package includes six Acne Clinic Treatments for you to ideally receive one treatment, twice a month, for three months. We tailor the treatments to benefit your specific skin & acne type.

6 treatments | 650


LIGHTSTIM LED THERAPY- stimulate collagen, prevent acne, repair fine lines.

Energize skin cells and stimulate the body’s natural processes. When this UV-free light is applied directly to the skin it reduces fine lines and wrinkles, increases blood circulation and destroys acne bacteria to give you a flawless, youthful glow!

20 minutes | +40

40 minutes | +60

HIGH FREQUENCY- kill bacteria, prevent breakouts, assist current breakouts.

Time varies | +10


Deep cleanse, exfoliating enzyme or gentle chemical peel and extractions.

45 minutes | +45